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The universe was made just to be seen …

A Monday reminder that God is awesome and his creation is beautiful. Thanks to the tremendously talented Joel Schat and Sleeping at Last for the visuals and the audio. You should turn your volume up.

RIP Dallas Willard

Gordon Cosby. Brennan Manning. Dallas Willard. These three have passed on–“fallen asleep,” as Jesus might say–in the last couple months, and I am forever grateful for the paths they carved, the tracks they left for me to follow. Dallas Willard passed away this morning at 77 years old. I don’t feel particularly adequate to articulate […]

Good Christians ≠ Mr. and Mrs. Whiner

Fr. James Martin, SJ: Pope Francis says that good Christians shouldn’t be–and this is a quote from our new pope–“Mr. and Mrs. Whiner.” Amen to that!” Pope’s got some sass; I like it! Full context: Vatican link. Photo: Roberto Stuckert Filho

Dealing with differences in relationships

A couple weeks ago, at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in the Bay Area, John Ortberg and clinical psychologist Rick Blackmon sat down to have a conversation about relationships — marriage in particular. I found it immensely helpful, not just for marriage but for relationships in general. Pastoring in a church that’s over 70 percent single means […]


Yesterday was the Boston Marathon. Yesterday, two bombs killed at least three and injured over a hundred. My heart is so heavy from this. Yesterday a series of bomb blasts in Iraq killed at least 42 and wounded more than 250. My heart grieves. — Jesus said, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will […]

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