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Demon sheep? Oh politics …

This fascinating image is an ad from the campaign of Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard. She’s running for Governor of California, and in a crowded GOP primary, she’s clearly bringing out the crazy guns to try and tar Republican rival Tom Campbell with the wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing brush. (D’you like my barrage of metaphors there?) It […]

Links of the Day, January 11

It’s Human Trafficking Awareness Day! Tell someone who doesn’t know about the 27 million people trapped in modern slavery. And then do something about it! Check out these awesome pics to start out your week/day: And then enjoy this cover from Cathy Nguyen and Andrew Garcia: News Whistler’s homeless are being relocated ahead of the […]

The last weeks of 2009

Last week, I celebrated Christmas with Aaron, Amy and Elijah in Huntington, WV, home of Marshall University (“We Are Marshall”) and of Amy’s family. It was great spending a few days outside of DC, and with an awesome and wonderfully welcoming family. To boot, last week … I got to go on a tour of […]

Links of the Day, December 15

Apologies for skipping yesterday–we’re heading into the holiday season and things are getting BUSY at work! News Some Guantanamo inmates will be moved to a near-empty prison in Illinois, marking a significant step toward shutting down the camp at Guantanamo Bay. Televangelist Oral Roberts, loved by some, scorned by others, passed away, aged 91. Mike […]

Links of the Day, November 23

Matt Logue’s book, “Empty Los Angeles.” News The Senate passes a motion, 60-39, to begin discussing the health care bill. Sports Harvard’s Jeremy Lin is pioneering the way for Asian-American basketball players. Miscellaneous Cultural factors limit the recession’s impact on Asian-American families. Chinese Americans reflect on Barack’s visit to China. Lost is back February 2, […]

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