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True greatness

[At The District Church, we’ve just started a new series about identity and relationships — “To Love & Be Loved.” The first sermon, which Aaron gave yesterday, is about being children of God.] In Matthew 18, Jesus is asked by his disciples, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” His response: “Truly I tell […]

Save children’s lives – why bother?

Pneumonia and diarrhea are two of the biggest killers of kids under 5 in developing countries, more than HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria COMBINED. Watch the video, sign the petition, save some lives. Please.

Van Jones on social justice and plastic pollution

I love Van Jones. He has a way of drawing people in to a biblical worldview (especially of caring for creation) without necessarily using biblical language. He makes things make sense. Here he talks about the poor and the planet and plastic pollution.

A Pledge to the Next Generation

In light of the oil spill and the resultant devastation, we at Sojourners felt led to examine ourselves, our lifestyles and our habits. I helped to write the following pledge, originally posted on God’s Politics: We are witnessing a massive despoiling of God’s creation that will impact ecosystems for generations. Our response must think that […]

A Boy is Shot and I Wonder Why I Do What I Do

Last night I walked down 14th Street NW, past Columbia Ave where a police car was parked, blocking entry to the street; and I watched people milling about, heading home after work. A wave of emotion hit me like a sucker-punch as I wondered how many of them knew that they were walking past the […]

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