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The Mission entrusted to the Church

Posted on Wess’s Gathering in Light blog: This is the mission entrusted to the church, a hard mission: to uproot sins from history, to uproot sins from the political order, to uproot sins from the economy, to uproot sins wherever they are. What a hard task! It has to meet conflicts amid so much selfishness, […]

“The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it.”

To mark Earth Day, head on over to God’s Politics and check out the post I wrote. Here’s a teaser: Today is Earth Day, an occasion for marking our responsibility to care for our world and the environment. It seems trite to have just one day to remind ourselves of the importance of this — […]

What will you choose for your life?

Seth Godin has this insightful blog up today: With so many options in media, interaction and venues, you now get to choose what you expose yourself to. Expose yourself to art, and you’ll come to appreciate it and aspire to make it. Expose yourself to anonymous scathing critics and you will begin to believe them […]

A new day: immigration and health care

I really ought to be going to sleep right now–I’ve been up since early this morning, and need to be up in just a few hours again for work. But I thought it’d be best to get my thoughts down while the figurative iron is still hot. A lot has happened in the last twenty-four […]

Ken Fong: “Different but definitely equal in every way”

Earlier this week, I went to a local showing of “Half the Sky Live.” I got home with every intention of writing up my experience and my thoughts. But my friend Ken Fong got there ahead of me. Here are his thoughts: At the urging of one of EBCLA deacons, I began reading NY Times […]

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