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Links of the Day, September 18

News Clashes between opposition supporters and security forces in Iran at a government-sponsored rally. Health care Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution assesses the Baucus bill. Krugman thinks it’s better than expected (though still not ideal). Bill O’Reilly supports the public option. The Catholic Center debates health care. Christians for health care reform gather in DC. […]

Perhaps the church ought to be more concerned …

Reinhold Niebuhr: Perhaps the church ought to be more concerned to bring the goodness of Christ as a judgment upon every fragmentary form of human goodness than to find the particular cause which might be identified with Christ. There are many good causes and just claims which turn to into evil at the precise point […]

Adding to the confusion

One of my non-Christian friends emailed me a couple weeks ago, asking me what the Bible said about killing and murder. He was alluding to the Ten Commandments, and so I told him that the Bible said, no murder (short version), and more generally spoke of a consistent ethic of life and of the value […]

Say what? Redeeming our vocabulary

I’ve been thinking lately about the words that we use, and about the associations and connotations that are already firmly attached to them. There are many terms and phrases that have been so warped over the years that their meaning has become unclear. What does it mean when we say, “Muslim”? Colin Powell’s endorsement of […]

I'm a Muslim; so what?

Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama last weekend was notable for a number of reasons. Most notable for me was the addressing of the issue that no one had yet addressed up to this point. Here’s the relevant section from the endorsement: I’m also troubled by, not what Senator McCain says, but what members of […]

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