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Happy Father's Day

A salute to my favorite dad: My second birthday, 1984. My eleventh birthday, 1993. Christmas 2001. My graduation from Fuller, 2009.

See you soon?

It’s a fairly surreal experience saying goodbye to your parents, and not knowing when you’ll see them again. Love you guys.

Three-quarters of November

November has, so far, been the greatest month of this year for me. Let me tell you why … November 4: Election Day I got to start the day off with a cup of tea in my Obama cup!! And I got to vote in my first general election!! And Barack won!! And I had […]

July 27th

Happy anniversary to my mom and dad! FORTY YEARS!! 🙂 You guys are amazing examples of love, devotion and self-sacrifice (in addition to all your other wonderful qualities); I love you! Also, happy birthday to Ally, proud new home-owner!

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