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The morning after

Original post: April 11, 2009; repost: April 3, 2010. [Frank Bramley. A Hopeless Dawn. 1888. Oil on canvas.] Daybreak brings cold, harsh sunlight. It’s the day after … And he’s dead. The rabbi, the teacher, the prophet, the messiah. Dead as dead can be. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. This wasn’t the glorious end […]

Sometimes, I wonder if I'm a Christian

Sometimes I stray real far from where I want to be, from where I know I ought to be. Some days, I don’t look like a Christian at all. Sometimes I wonder whether I really have changed. Life, every day, is a series of decisions that lead me toward or away from God; sometimes I […]

God of silence

Original post: February 7, 2008; repost: March 18, 2010. I was in a tough place when I wrote this, and I will admit that life is, and perhaps never will be, devoid of these experiences. But I think that these experiences can, if we let them, strengthen our sense of need and desperation for the […]

I was so sure …

“Maybe you’ll get married before you graduate,” my friend joked. I laughed, my mind going back to two years ago … *** On August 7, 2005, Ally and I got back together for the last time. Of course, we thought it was the last time because we’d be getting married—that was the basis on which […]

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