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Facebook reminds me of God

  Facebook has this new thing where it posts flashbacks: “On this day in …” Today it popped up on my sidebar while I was browsing a friend’s pictures, and it read: “On this day in 2010: ‘Heading up to MA for final interviews. If you’re the praying kind …’” Wow. It’s only been a […]

New music!

I just uploaded a few songs from last night’s concert on my Facebook and MySpace. Check out “Let Love Be Right,” “A Moment,” “Who,” and “Undone,” and let me know what you think! UPDATE (Feb. 23): Just added “Monster.”

Links of the Day, January 12

News The Federal Reserve reports a record profit, which means more money going into the US Treasury! A map of the world with China at the center, drawn by Italian missionary Matteo Ricci in 1602, goes on display at the Library of Congress. Politics President Obama had the highest Congressional support in the first year […]

Links of the Day, January 6

News Google releases a phone: Boing Boing looks at the Nexus One. Politics Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has cut back on her anti-Census rhetoric recently … maybe since figuring out that if Minnesota loses a district, it looks likely to be hers. Miscellaneous Chuck returns this coming Sunday; its star, Zachary Levi, gave an awesome […]

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