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Christians being all racially insensitive

Brought to light recently by Angry Asian Man. A couple years ago, Christian publisher Zondervan released a book about radical integrity, character, grace and leadership. The blurb reads: Integrity is under attack. Character assassins are on the prowl, seeking to ambush people at their points of vulnerability — in their homes, in their churches, in […]

Sometimes, I wonder if I'm a Christian

Sometimes I stray real far from where I want to be, from where I know I ought to be. Some days, I don’t look like a Christian at all. Sometimes I wonder whether I really have changed. Life, every day, is a series of decisions that lead me toward or away from God; sometimes I […]

Grace: "Imagine One Day"

Too many people got nothin’ to eat While the rich man a feast on his kill Too many people got blood on their hands Thinkin’ there’s nothin’ else they can do And you go ’bout your day thinkin’ it’s okay Won’t hurt you now if you just look away Imagine one day it’s you, what […]

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