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Links of the Day, December 15

Apologies for skipping yesterday–we’re heading into the holiday season and things are getting BUSY at work! News Some Guantanamo inmates will be moved to a near-empty prison in Illinois, marking a significant step toward shutting down the camp at Guantanamo Bay. Televangelist Oral Roberts, loved by some, scorned by others, passed away, aged 91. Mike […]

Links of the Day, December 2

For those who love This is Spinal Tap: News The President orders 30,000 new troops to Afghanistan. More thoughts to come. Porfirio "Pepe" Lobo is the new President of Honduras. Green Boing Boing helps with energy literacy: climate change.

Links of the Day, December 1

It’s World AIDS Day. Watch this vid: Iron Man 2: News Barack will make an address tonight on Afghanistan, with preliminary reports suggesting a rapid deployment of an additional 30-35,000 troops. The proposed Comcast-NBC merger would be the largest media merger in recent history. South Africa vows to treat all HIV-positive babies (which is a […]

Links of the Day, November 30

Welcome to Advent! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend! News Religious leaders around the world condemn the Swiss ban on minaret-building. Green Tips for (more) eco-friendly flying this holiday season. Miscellaneous Photo profiles of 47 world leaders.

Links of the Day, November 10

Happy 40th birthday, Sesame Street! News North and South Korean ships trade fire. John Allen Muhammad, the D.C. sniper, is set to be executed tonight in Virginia. "In defense of a 130 million dollar church building project," by Eugene Cho. Health care Barack discusses abortion in the health care bills with Tapper. Bill Clinton is […]

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