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Links of the Day, November 18

News The UN food summit throws only “crumbs” to the 1 billion people without enough to eat. Green Women in developing countries will be hit hardest by climate change. Miscellaneous GQ names Barack the 2009 Leader of the Year. 100 greatest quotes from The Wire (caution: language–although if you like The Wire, you already know […]

Links of the Day, November 17

No word from Zondervan on the Deadly Viper controversy. Come ON, people! News 17,000 children die every day from hunger. That’s about one every five seconds. China and the US agree to work together on stuff, including climate change. Corruption ratings are out: Afghanistan, not surprisingly, doesn’t do too well. Health care Rachel Laser urges […]

Links of the Day, October 15

News The UN’s annual report on global food security confirms that more than one billion people–a sixth of the world’s population–are undernourished. Rep. John Boehner, the House GOP Leader, opposes hate crimes protections for gays. His reasoning is … let’s just say, stupid. The Arctic Ocean could be ice-free in as little as 10 years. […]

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