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Today’s Health Care Summit

So today’s SEVEN hour health care summit is over. I had it on in the background for the first three hours. And then it was the lunch break. And I didn’t come back. Coz I figured I could get a pretty good summary later on. (And I can. See  Politico, HuffPo’s live-blog coverage, and the […]

Whoever has the most money gets to choose our next President

Yesterday, the Supreme Court–the highest judicial body in the land–came to a monumental decision, by a margin of 5-4, to overturn decades of restrictions on corporate and union money in elections. Somehow, Justices Kennedy, Alito, Roberts, Thomas and Scalia came to the conclusion that corporations and unions have the same First Amendment rights as individuals, […]

On Afghanistan

Okay, the basics first: Here’s the video, and the full transcript. Here are various responses: McChrystal, McCain and various other responses. The BBC has some reactions from people in Afghanistan as well as from the NATO Secretary General and Nicolas Sarkozy. And here’s a good summary of the latest: Ban Ki-moon, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Britain, India. […]

I'm a Muslim; so what?

Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama last weekend was notable for a number of reasons. Most notable for me was the addressing of the issue that no one had yet addressed up to this point. Here’s the relevant section from the endorsement: I’m also troubled by, not what Senator McCain says, but what members of […]

Civil Political Discourse

Following up on my Obama/Ayers, it seems that McCain did realize the impact of his words and has tried to tamp back the hostility. (It wasn’t met with too much success.) But Obama recognized this, as Ken Vogel reportsfrom Philadelphia: “I want to acknowledge that Sen. McCain tried to tone down the rhetoric in his […]

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