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Being Single, Part 3: Not a Terminal Disease

[Adapted from this past Sunday’s message at The District Church, “Being Single.”] Public Service Announcement: Singleness is not a terminal disease. It can be real hard; it can be real lonely; it has its challenges. And the church has too often elevated marriage and romantic relationships far above where they were meant to be, and this […]


In case you weren’t aware (or aren’t liturgically-inclined), the season of Lent begins tomorrow on Ash Wednesday (which means today is Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, or Fat Tuesday). While Lent has become, in pop culture, a time for simply giving up unhealthy habits, the tradition is to take this time to humbly and thoughtfully prepare […]

Praying the Lord’s Prayer

John Stott: To pray [the Lord’s Prayer] with sincerity … has revolutionary implications. Our priority becomes no longer the advancement of our own little name, kingdom, and will, but of God’s. Whether we can pray these petitions with integrity is a searching test of the reality and depth of our Christian profession. (Through the Bible […]

My Valentine’s Day History, a.k.a. A Few Thoughts on Love

For some, Valentine’s Day is a day to treasure, a day to celebrate, a day to spend time and money on a loved one. For others, Valentine’s Day is a day to forget, a day to despise, “Singles Awareness Day.” For me, how I reacted to Valentine’s Day used to depend on my relationship status: […]

Keeping healthy

It’s been awhile since I’ve made time for things that give me life, that aren’t necessarily ‘productive’ but are highly conducive to my spiritual, mental and emotional health–things as simple as reading a book, or going to see a movie, or discovering new music. I realized that I needed to build a little more of […]

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