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New music!

I just uploaded a few songs from last night’s concert on my Facebook and MySpace. Check out “Let Love Be Right,” “A Moment,” “Who,” and “Undone,” and let me know what you think! UPDATE (Feb. 23): Just added “Monster.”

Some personal thoughts on Rep. Gutierrez's immigration bill

The following is cross-posted from God’s Politics and Faith and Immigration. The room was hot and stifling and overcrowded, but the excitement was palpable as people gathered to witness the introduction of a new comprehensive immigration reform bill. I barely managed to squeeze in, edging through the throng of people who spilled into the hallways. […]

I like to fix things

I like to fix things. For a number of years, it seemed as though every girl I fell for was in need of fixing: some guy had been careless with her heart, or she was dealing with issues from her childhood, or she’d never been in a relationship that was healthy. And then I realized […]

New song: "Embrace"

Just posted a new song, “Embrace,” up on Facebook and MySpace. It’s a little different stylistically to what I normally do, so let me know what you think! Here are the lyrics: Your love is on the air, your love is on trial; it hardly seems fair–maybe we’re in denial. There’s always hope, there’s always […]

You're a star

Close your eyes, take my hand; no need for words–I understand: you let him in, he let you down, and you shattered when you hit the ground. When all you ever got from love was hurt, won’t you let me show you what you’re really worth? I can see you building up your walls again; […]

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