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Life's been pretty brutal

Life’s been pretty brutal the last couple weeks–emotionally, relationally, vocationally. But I will ever trust in God. Hear my cry, O Lord, out of the depths of my soul! Let your ears be attentive to me, attentive to me: My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning. Put your hope in […]

Sports, music, engagements and a daughter

Today, I was reminded of two things (that I can remember):First: I love sports. I love playing it, and I love watching it. I love my sports teams. In September, Mara said, “Whoever you end up with is either gonna have to love sports as much as you do, or she’s gonna have to get […]

Summer's here!

This is how I know that I have time: I’m blogging more, journaling more, and my email inbox is empty (coz I’ve replied to everyone). Which is the state I now find myself in. Glorious. It’s kind of strange to think that I’ve been in California now for coming up to 10 months. It’s gone […]

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