A long overdue update

Apologies for the gap in updates (posting other people’s words doesn’t count!). My parents used to email me when I hadn’t blogged in a few weeks to see if I was okay, because it was an indicator that there was a lot going on! And life has been very full lately, for a number of reasons; so here are some highlights from the last month and a half:

LST ChapelUK: For the last week, I’ve been back in London. I came for my old college roommate Kaz’s wedding, and have been trying to get some rest as well as catching up with old friends. Last Tuesday, I got to speak in chapel at my alma mater, London School of Theology. (Pic courtesy of @tomlcox)

EAST SIDE: We had a couple of great meetings–with a pastor and a school principal–before I left London about a place for the new community to meet regularly, so I’ll hopefully have some good news soon. We also did some prayer walking around the neighborhood recently that was extremely encouraging and reminded us that God’s already at work in our city–and we’re on the right track! More on this to come.

HEALTH: Some of you already know that I made a fun little trip to the emergency room the other week, with what I thought were breathing problems. Turns out, it was actually a heart thing, something called “premature ventricular contractions.” Two doctor friends have assured me that there’s no reason for concern, since I’m otherwise healthy; but I’ll be seeing my primary care physician and then (possibly) a cardiologist in the coming weeks to confirm it.

PRAYERS: Please keep praying: (1) for continued momentum on the East Side; (2) for all of the upcoming Easter festivities, as we remember the most momentous weekend in history; (3) for my health as I return to the States and get checked out.

Exciting News, #2: Speaking & Support

Happy New Year, friends!

I hope you were all able to get some rest over the Christmas season. On Day Three of 2013, you get Part Two in the “Exciting News for 2013” series. (Yeah, there’s still more to come!)

First, I’m eagerly anticipating more speaking opportunities these first few months, in addition to preaching at The District Church:

  1. I’ll be guest preaching at Downtown Baptist Church in Old Town Alexandria, just across the Potomac River, this month (Jan 27); and at New Journey Church in Centreville, VA, next month (Feb 17).
  2. lstIn March, I’ll be back in the UK for a couple weeks for a friend’s wedding, and I’ll be returning to my alma mater, London School of Theology, seven years after graduation, and I’ll get to give the message at chapel.
  3. MA-Logo-Horizontal-300x225And in April, I’ll be co-leading a couple of workshops at the inaugural conference of Missio Alliance, a gathering that explores that church’s mission in the 21st century. One workshop will be on ministry in the city, and another on the church’s call to justice.

Second, I’m already so grateful for how you’ve given: I’ve already raised over $3,000! I’ve set the goal to have the rest raised by the end of January, so …

Will you partner with me to raise the remaining $7,000 I need to meet my 2013 budget?

You’re welcome to do this:

  • by check, payable to “The District Church” with “For the Ministry of Justin Fung” in the memo, and mailed to The District Church, PO Box 3116, Washington, DC 20010;
  • online here, selecting “Ministry of JF” from the dropdown menu.

[All gifts are fully tax-deductible.]

And if you’re part of The District Church and you’ve been supporting me, thank you first of all–I’ve appreciated your focused giving so much–but let me now encourage you to give directly to the church, with the reassurance that they’re working toward fully supporting me financially.

Praying your 2013 begins well with grace and intentionality,