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Links of the Day, January 11

It’s Human Trafficking Awareness Day! Tell someone who doesn’t know about the 27 million people trapped in modern slavery. And then do something about it! Check out these awesome pics to start out your week/day: And then enjoy this cover from Cathy Nguyen and Andrew Garcia: News Whistler’s homeless are being relocated ahead of the […]

Links of the Day, August 20

News The Lockerbie bomber is freed on compassionate grounds to return to Libya. Human trafficking An international sex trafficking ring is broken up in Los Angeles. Health care Another article taking apart the lies on health care reform. Check out the President’s faith-based call-in with Faith for Health and Sojourners. Robert Reich advocates a march […]

Links of the Day, August 13

The Time Traveler’s Wife had its premiere last night. It comes out this Friday, and I’m pretty stoked. (Only a little bit because I may be in love with Rachel McAdams.) Also, Lifehouse contribute a song to the soundtrack. News France and Germany exit the recession. A bear’s on the loose in the suburbs of […]

Today's news

I have tickets to go see U2 when they come to the Rose Bowl here in Pasadena in October 25. Obviously, I’m still not even sure if I’m going to be in Pasadena, but still … I’m so excited! The G20 summit is going on; let’s hope they can figure something out. At 9:30am on […]

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