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Facebook reminds me of God

  Facebook has this new thing where it posts flashbacks: “On this day in …” Today it popped up on my sidebar while I was browsing a friend’s pictures, and it read: “On this day in 2010: ‘Heading up to MA for final interviews. If you’re the praying kind …’” Wow. It’s only been a […]

Fire in the sky and the Basilica

Two of my favorite shots from the last two weeks were taken on my iPhone. First, the sunset over Snake Pond, Mass. (I posted this previously, but here it is again.) And second, the Basilica in DC.

Pics from trips

Two weekends ago, I was back in California to see family, friends, and U2 (from which I already posted pics and vid). Then last weekend, I was in Cape Cod, MA to lead worship at the installation service of my mentor, JP. Here are some pics from those trips:

Snapshots from MA

A few pics from my time in Cape Cod, Boston and Cambridge, Mass.:

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