Justin B. Fung

Tag: mess

This weekend was a doozy

After the busiest month in recent memory—including Lazarus Sunday, preaching two weeks in a row, Easter weekend, leading worship, performing at a coffee shop, and more—I was given most of the week off from church duties. So I didn’t have to lead any of our Leadership Community’s organizing training, nor did I really have to […]

What an eventful day

Today: Woke up at 3:45am to take N&L to Reagan/National Airport. They discovered their car had a flat tire. I drove them in A&A’s car. On the way back, missed the 395 N turning. Drove a little way into VA with the fuel light glaring at me before finally making my way to a gas […]

Learning to live with mess

A reminder as we head into the new year: … I realize I just need to learn how to embrace chaos better, because movements of God are marked by chaos. They are not systematic and orderly and clean. Why? Because movements of God are fundamentally movements about love, and there’s very little that’s predictable and […]

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