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Obama for President

Here’s Barack’s half-hour TV buy. I sincerely hope this man is our next president.

Obama and Ayers

The McCain campaign’s recent line of attack has been to try to tar Obama by associating him with Bill Ayers, who they’ve labeled a ‘domestic terrorist’. Let me tell you about the Obama/Ayers connection, from what I’ve been able to find out. First of all, a little on Bill Ayers. In the 1960s, he was […]

A quick update

Welcome to October! Here’s the latest: Last weekend, I was supposed to head to Las Vegas to do some campaigning for Obama, but I got taken down by illness on Friday and so ended up not going. A couple of my friends did go and had a blast, so perhaps I’ll be able to fit […]

Barack Obama

Original post: January 21, 2008. I thought I’d repost this as an interesting insight into some of my thoughts when I was introducing then-Senator Obama to (and trying to win over) friends and family who had never heard of him. When I arrived in the US in the summer of 2006, I had never even […]

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