Support The Sold Project

My friend Rachel is in DC this week. Rachel is a pretty extraordinary woman; notwithstanding the fact that she was one of my first friends in seminary, she’s super smart, capable, and has a tremendous heart. So much so that for the last few years, she’s been serving as the President of an organization called The SOLD Project, which seeks to prevent child prostitution and whose goal is “that no child ever be exposed to a life of exploitation.”

One of the main ways to do this is through education, and keeping kids in school so that they might not only learn and grow and develop, but also to reduce the likelihood of them being in at-risk situations. So in 2008, The SOLD Project began offering educational scholarships, and I’m so pleased that, for the last year, I’ve gotten to be a part of this by sponsoring a kid’s education.

Now you can help prevent child prostitution as well.

From the latest SOLD email:

“From November 1 to 30, The SOLD Project is competing in the Girl Effect Challenge alongside 69 other organizations for a chance to become part of the Girl Effect for one year. The Girl Effect is a super-reputable organization (they’re the philanthropic arm of Nike), so winning would be a BIG DEAL—leading to significant exposure and a great credibility boost as well as potentially tens of thousands of dollars in donations over the next year. (Last year’s winners received more than $30K each.)

“At the end of November, the TOP SIX ORGS with the HIGHEST NUMBER of unique donors will be selected as WINNERS! Last year’s winners had as many as 800 unique donors, so that’s where the bar is set. It’s high, but we can do this!”

Giving as little as $10 will start the Girl Effect, and you can give up to $2,100 (which provides educational resources for 5 students for a  year) and beyond!



Spring Break

Three days ago, I had my jaw broken to correct my underbite.

I’m already sick of drinking my meals. What a glorious way to spend spring break …


In the meantime, from the Department of Overdue Links:

Video footage of Hong Kong from the 1930s (hat-tip to Gerry):

And check out:

  • Kiva, a micro-financing non-profit that allows people to lend money to small businesses in developing countries.
  • The Sold Project, a non-profit grassroots organization seeking to help people stop child prostitution.

My plan is to blog some more this week … after all, I’m not really doing much else!


I feel kind of weird blogging again, having been away for so long. It’s been a crazy-busy few weeks since I last posted. And there’s much that I’ve wanted to write, but I’ve either had no time or no energy or no motivation. So, in no particular order:

  • Started working in the Admissions Office again (+15 hours).
  • The weekend before the beginning of quarter, my faithful MacBook died on me.
  • Four days later, I got a great deal on a new MacBook Pro to replace it (thanks, Ivan!).
  • The MacBook Pro is awesome.
  • Inauguration Day was awesome.
  • Celebrated Chinese New Year in style with Christina and family, and friends.
  • Had a phenomenal Valentine’s Day (we’re now on a roll: five consecutive good V-Days and counting): babysitting Jackson, waffle brunch with the neighbors, dim sum brunch, and then …
  • Snowboarding for the first time! I only wiped out a couple times (one of which left me with a bruise on the back of my head and minor whiplash), and had a phenomenal time. I’ll post some more pics when Judith gets around to posting them.
  • The day after Valentine’s Day was crammed with catching up on schoolwork because of all the fun I had the day before; plus, I was pretty hurting, so sitting at a computer working on papers and reading for most of the day did not help that.
  • Had two dim sum runs and a dumpling run, among a number of other culinary expeditions. Food = so good.

On a more serious note, go visit The Sold Project. My friend Rachel is the executive director of this non-profit. Go get informed about child prostitution in Thailand, just one horrible facet of human trafficking which enslaves 27 million people globally. More on this to come.

Oh, and then there’s future news …

It’ll have to wait till next time.