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Whoever has the most money gets to choose our next President

Yesterday, the Supreme Court–the highest judicial body in the land–came to a monumental decision, by a margin of 5-4, to overturn decades of restrictions on corporate and union money in elections. Somehow, Justices Kennedy, Alito, Roberts, Thomas and Scalia came to the conclusion that corporations and unions have the same First Amendment rights as individuals, […]

Links of the Day, August 8

News Eunice Kennedy Shriver, 88, sister of former President JFK and Senator Ted Kennedy, D-Mass, is in critical condition at a Massachusetts hospital. It’s Justice Sotomayor now. Human trafficking Sex trafficking ring busted in New Jersey. Combating human trafficking in Austin, TX. Green Electric car company Tesla is now profitable! Politics Florida Senator Mel Martinez […]

Links of the Day, August 7

Starting with an oldie but a goodie … Star Wars as retold by a person who’s never actually seen it: News Sonia Sotomayor was confirmed as the next US Supreme Court Justice by the Senate by a count of 68-31. Here’s President Obama’s response. Bill O’Reilly sings Obama’s praises … seriously. Jobless claims are down; […]

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