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The test of our work

Eugene Peterson: The test of our work is not the profit we gain from it or the status we receive from it but its effects in creation.  Are persons impoverished?  Is the land diminished?  Is society defrauded?  Is the world less or more because of my work? (Where Your Treasure Is, 139)


From his “Drum Major Instinct” sermon, delivered February 4, 1968, only a few months before his assassination, words to keep me humble and grounded and ever thankful that God invites us to play a part in his story: Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to […]

Perhaps you haven't yet truly lived …

Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, NJ; February 19, 2009: If you haven’t felt the bitter pain of betrayal, perhaps you haven’t trusted enough. If you haven’t fallen flat on your face, perhaps you haven’t ever tried to soar. If you haven’t had your heart truly broken, perhaps you haven’t fully experienced love’s true wonder. If […]

Links of the Day, October 7

Happy birthday, Barcode! Also, baseball playoffs start today–go Dodgers! News One of the most wanted suspects in Rwanda’s 1994 genocide has been arrested. Obama’s Afghanistan strategy will not involve withdrawing troops. He’s also pursuing urban renewal. Pasadena Chief of Police Bernard Melekian steps down to take up a post in DC. Another ring is discovered […]

Thoughts on success

My twelve year-old niece Aimee emailed me recently. She has to do a presentation in class on someone who’s successful. So I was a little bit surprised and very honored that she chose me! In fact, one of the first questions was, “What is your most successful achievement?” And that had me stumped. I’m not […]

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