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Eliminating Violence Against Women

“Some 70 percent of women experience in their lifetime some form of physical or sexual violence from men – the majority from husbands, intimate partners or someone they know.”– Ban Ki-moon. Check out the blog I co-wrote with Rose Berger over at God’s Politics: “Uniting to Eliminate Violence against Women.”

Links of the Day, November 25

Today is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Eugene Cho blogs; warning: some disturbing images. News The first state dinner: Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Google refuses to take down a racist image of Michelle Obama from its search results. I find it interesting that we (in the US) often defend freedom […]

Links of the Day, October 21

Go buy this t-shirt: Or just follow the advice found thereupon. News A nuclear fuel agreement is reached in Iran. Human Rights Watch says dozens of ethnic Uighurs have disappeared since being detained after riots in China. The really, really smart people at Apple release a brand new iMac, complete with the really, really pretty […]

Links of the Day, October 15

News The UN’s annual report on global food security confirms that more than one billion people–a sixth of the world’s population–are undernourished. Rep. John Boehner, the House GOP Leader, opposes hate crimes protections for gays. His reasoning is … let’s just say, stupid. The Arctic Ocean could be ice-free in as little as 10 years. […]

Links of the Day, September 25

Ho. ly. Smokes. Enjoy this Michael Jackson tribute: News The UN Security Council unanimously adopts a resolution calling for nuclear disarmament, proposed by President Obama. Here’s Barack’s speech to the General Assembly: On the trilateral meeting: Obama, Netanyahu and Abbas: Green Don’t turn your nose up at the little things: waste reduction and recycling can […]

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