Links of the Day, October 20

Love xkcd.




Links of the Day, October 7

Happy birthday, Barcode! Also, baseball playoffs start today–go Dodgers!


Health care

  • Fox News’ Shep Smith schools Rep. John Barrasso (WY) on the public option–I’m generally not a huge fan of Fox News, but Shep Smith is one redeeming feature.
  • If you had five minutes to tell me why a public option is a good thing …

Human trafficking

Finance reform


Mariners, 85-77

Yesterday marked the end of regular season baseball, and the Seattle Mariners went 85-77, marking the biggest improvement from last year in the major leagues. After losing 101 games last year, let’s just say that expectations were fairly low. But rookie manager Don Wakamatsu did a phenomenal job in leading us back to respectability.

Even though we didn’t make it into the postseason, it was a good year. Thanks to the folks at Lookout Landing for keeping me company through 162 games.

Here’s to Felix for the Cy Young. And for the playoffs, I’ll be rooting for my (other) hometown Dodgers.