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Want vs. Need

Photographer and artist Erin Hanson has created a series called “Need to Want Less,” from which came this very apt graphic for my own life (which I posted a while ago, but it may have been on Facebook): Also: Thanks to Andrew Price @ GOOD for highlighting it.

Is redistribution of wealth good for your health?

Reframing GOOD Magazine’s article, “Inequality Makes Me Sick (Literally),” this interview with epidemiologist Richard Wilkinson is particularly interesting. Of particular note is his observation that it’s not those who have the most or the highest incomes who tend to be the happiest and healthiest, but those who have the most equality (or least inequality): …we […]

Are we as generous as we think we are?

A couple of interesting graphics measuring giving related to the Haiti earthquake. (Click to enlarge.) First, considered in terms of sheer amount of money: (Graphic: GOOD Magazine) And second, in terms of giving per capita: (Graphic: Many Eyes; data source: The Guardian) Taking the US as an example: Gross giving = $114,480,000 ($168,000,000 according to […]

Links of the Day, January 11

It’s Human Trafficking Awareness Day! Tell someone who doesn’t know about the 27 million people trapped in modern slavery. And then do something about it! Check out these awesome pics to start out your week/day: And then enjoy this cover from Cathy Nguyen and Andrew Garcia: News Whistler’s homeless are being relocated ahead of the […]

Links of the Day, October 7

Happy birthday, Barcode! Also, baseball playoffs start today–go Dodgers! News One of the most wanted suspects in Rwanda’s 1994 genocide has been arrested. Obama’s Afghanistan strategy will not involve withdrawing troops. He’s also pursuing urban renewal. Pasadena Chief of Police Bernard Melekian steps down to take up a post in DC. Another ring is discovered […]

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