I feel kind of weird blogging again, having been away for so long. It’s been a crazy-busy few weeks since I last posted. And there’s much that I’ve wanted to write, but I’ve either had no time or no energy or no motivation. So, in no particular order:

  • Started working in the Admissions Office again (+15 hours).
  • The weekend before the beginning of quarter, my faithful MacBook died on me.
  • Four days later, I got a great deal on a new MacBook Pro to replace it (thanks, Ivan!).
  • The MacBook Pro is awesome.
  • Inauguration Day was awesome.
  • Celebrated Chinese New Year in style with Christina and family, and friends.
  • Had a phenomenal Valentine’s Day (we’re now on a roll: five consecutive good V-Days and counting): babysitting Jackson, waffle brunch with the neighbors, dim sum brunch, and then …
  • Snowboarding for the first time! I only wiped out a couple times (one of which left me with a bruise on the back of my head and minor whiplash), and had a phenomenal time. I’ll post some more pics when Judith gets around to posting them.
  • The day after Valentine’s Day was crammed with catching up on schoolwork because of all the fun I had the day before; plus, I was pretty hurting, so sitting at a computer working on papers and reading for most of the day did not help that.
  • Had two dim sum runs and a dumpling run, among a number of other culinary expeditions. Food = so good.

On a more serious note, go visit The Sold Project. My friend Rachel is the executive director of this non-profit. Go get informed about child prostitution in Thailand, just one horrible facet of human trafficking which enslaves 27 million people globally. More on this to come.

Oh, and then there’s future news …

It’ll have to wait till next time.

Joseph Lowery to deliver inaugural benediction

There are actually two preachers speaking at the Inauguration, though you might not know it. One is Rick Warren, which everyone knows. The other is Joseph Lowery, a Methodist preacher who was a leader in the civil rights movement, who will be giving the benediction at the inauguration. He’s known as a progressive voice that, as Ben Smith of Politico notes, serves in combination with Rick Warren to provide a look at the kind of political coalition that Barack would like to put together, with people from both sides.

Here’s a video of Lowery in action, delivering the eulogy at Coretta Scott King’s funeral in rhyming verse. You’ve got to see it to appreciate it.