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Links of the Day, January 8

News We’re still losing jobs, but we’re no longer hemorrhaging. Let’s hope the trajectory holds firm. Portugal’s parliament backs same sex marriage. Some might blame the TSA officer for deserting his post at Newark airport. I blame the Asian guy who breached security. As Angry Asian Man puts it so succinctly, "you’re an idiot." Sports […]

Links of the Day, January 7

News Hillary Clinton delivered a speech on development yesterday. Here’s Nick Kristof’s take on it. Still no developments on the racial violence incident at South Philadelphia High from before Christmas. Walmart and H&M apparently destroy unsold clothing rather than donating it. This makes me sad–H&M is one of my faves. [UPDATE: H&M put a statement […]

"The First Marriage"

Coming out in the next NY Times magazine, Jodi Kantor looks into Barack and Michelle’s relationship.

Links of the Day, October 20

Love xkcd. News Hamid Karzai agrees to a November 7 election run-off. Apparently, the Department of Defense is also against Al Franken’s anti-rape amendment … what?! Green Toyota unveils a larger hybrid, the “Sai.” Sports Mariners catcher Kenji Johjima opts out of his contract to head back to Japan. We’ll miss you, Joh! Miscellaneous Andrew […]

Links of the Day, October 16

News A Texas man is sentenced to death by jurors proof-texting the Bible. Finland makes broadband access a legal right. Go Finland! A Louisiana justice is refusing to marry mixed-race couples. Fourth-grader Tyren Scott asks Barack, “Why do people hate you?” Miscellaneous Apparently, living near ‘green spaces’ is good for one’s health. Who’d’ve thunk it? […]

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