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Links of the Day, September 9

Happy 09.09.09 (especially for Julia, Dave and Jude)!! It’s also a good day to get married in Chinese culture. News You can watch Barack’s school speech here. Health care The President will address Congress tonight on health care reform. Green A £23 solar panel? Miscellaneous Sierra Club executive director Carl Pope writes about how we […]

Links of the Day, August 10

News Typhoons Morakat and Etau hit east Asia hard. Here’s the BBC’s coverage. Human trafficking A tour guide in Malaysia is charged with trafficking. Trafficking in Taiwan. Watch the International Justice Mission documentary "At the End of Slavery" online tomorrow 1pm (I think it’s PST). Health care The New York Times offers a primer on […]


On July 27, 1968, my parents got married. As one of my models of marriage, I’ve seen from them what it looks like to choose to love, to choose to sacrifice for the other, and above all, to choose to trust God. I know that they remain firm in the belief that everything good (including […]

I’m not sure what words to use to reflect on Ann Goldingay’s passing and on the impact that she and John had, or the example that they were, so I’ll just let Liz write. Here’s the first paragraph (clicking here will take you to the full blog entry): john goldingay, aside from being a world-renowned […]

Wanting someone else, part 3: the finale

Welcome to the final part of this unintentional trilogy, in which I will, hopefully, tie up some loose ends. After the first two parts, I got various comments and questions about whether I might be putting too much weight on the romantic relationship. The answer is probably yes; and the reason is probably because I’m […]

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