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Links of the Day, January 11

It’s Human Trafficking Awareness Day! Tell someone who doesn’t know about the 27 million people trapped in modern slavery. And then do something about it! Check out these awesome pics to start out your week/day: And then enjoy this cover from Cathy Nguyen and Andrew Garcia: News Whistler’s homeless are being relocated ahead of the […]

Links of the Day, September 7

News Courtesy of Obama Foodorama: Van Jones’s resignation is a “major win for hate, racism, fear mongering, and the further unraveling of civil discourse in the larger culture.” Here’s a couple other perspectives: David Sirota and Jane Hamsher. Update on the Station Fire, courtesy of Ann Erdman, Pasadena’s Public Information Officer (PIO). Iran announces a […]

Pasadena, CA ≠ Columbia Heights, DC

A little bit about the area (thanks to Rose Berger, an associate editor at Sojourners): The population of Columbia Heights is ethnically predominantly black, with large Salvadoran, Ethiopian and Vietnamese contingents. In 2007, the population distribution of D.C. in general was 55.6% black, 36.3% white, 8.3% Hispanic (of any race), 5% other, and 3.1% Asian. […]

Oasis 3-week update

Week Three One of the highlights this week was the trafficking training session put on by the Coalition Against Slavery & Trafficking (CAST) LA, which took place on Wednesday. The focus of the training was ministering to survivors of human trafficking, particularly sex trafficking. As a result, many of the other attendees were workers at […]

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