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Whose side is God on? A outsider’s perspective on American Christianity

Original post: October 22, 2008; repost: March 30, 2010. I don’t tend to react very well when a person claims God for their agenda or their side or their country. As an American citizen, born and raised in Hong Kong, and educated in London, I have somewhat of an outsider’s perspective on the role of […]

The day God broke my heart and changed my life (again)

Original post: March 19, 2008; update: January 26, 2010. March 19 was the day I think God really spoke to me about the direction of my life; this was the day that God really broke my heart for justice; this was the day I found my calling. Part of the fun (I use that term […]

What if Jesus meant all that stuff?

In Esquire, a letter to non-believers from Shane Claiborne, that puts into words many of things that I feel, including: “Forgive us. Forgive us for the embarrassing things we have done in the name of God.” “I am convinced that the Christian Gospel has as much to do with this life as the next, and […]

The greatest generation

In Jesus for President, Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw write: Jesus would rather invoke the great kingless history of Israel. … Just like the kingless confederacy of Israel in the Torah, the kingdom [of God] Jesus spoke of is a real political kingdom that is unique, confusing, and unheard of. His kingdom is not of […]

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