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Links of the Day, January 8

News We’re still losing jobs, but we’re no longer hemorrhaging. Let’s hope the trajectory holds firm. Portugal’s parliament backs same sex marriage. Some might blame the TSA officer for deserting his post at Newark airport. I blame the Asian guy who breached security. As Angry Asian Man puts it so succinctly, "you’re an idiot." Sports […]

Links of the Day, December 22

I’m gonna be away from tomorrow until January 2. I’ll try to post some links while I’m out, but no guarantees! Merry Christmas and happy new year to you all! News Europe suffers from the big chill, too. Barack names Howard Schmidt, a former Bush administration official, as his cybersecurity coordinator. Actress Brittany Murphy, who […]

Links of the Day, November 20

On his visit to South Korea, President Obama was presented with an honorary taekwondo belt. News The Senate will take a first vote on health care on Saturday. Oprah’s ending her talk show in 2011. Politics Mike Huckabee shows his civility and class–I like Mike, even if I don’t always agree with him. Sports Thierry […]

Links of the Day, November 19

News Senator Harry Reid unveils the Senate health-care bill, which the CBO estimates will cost $849 billion over 10 years (beneath the $900 billion cap set by the President) and will cover 94% of the population. A vicar and his wife forgive the girls who drove their daughter to suicide. Economic growth is predicted for […]

Beckham and Being Here

I realized that I forgot to blog about one of the events of the last couple weeks … I met someone. Haha. No, that wasn’t it—if I’ve told you about it, I’ve told you about it. If not … I might tell you about it. Seriously, the event was, of course, David Beckham’s debut for […]

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