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Links of the Day, January 13

News A 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti yesterday. Check out pictures here and here. (Warning: some disturbing images.) Afghan civilian deaths were up in 2009. Google may pull out of China! Miscellaneous Check out Prof Rah’s take on "Avatar." and “The Blind Side.” 100 free (or nearly free) things to do in DC. A year in […]

Links of the Day, January 6

News Google releases a phone: Boing Boing looks at the Nexus One. Politics Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has cut back on her anti-Census rhetoric recently … maybe since figuring out that if Minnesota loses a district, it looks likely to be hers. Miscellaneous Chuck returns this coming Sunday; its star, Zachary Levi, gave an awesome […]

Links of the Day, January 5

News John C. Liu is sworn in as the first Asian-American comptroller of New York City. Republicans are coming out strongly against consumer protection. Sports TIME profiles Harvard’s Jeremy Lin. Why Edgar Martinez belongs in the Hall of Fame. Miscellaneous The changing Oval Office. Avatar gets conservatives in a huff.

Links of the Day, January 4

Welcome to 2010! (Here’s Jon Stewart’s review of 2009.) Since there was ZERO net job creation in the US over the last decade, let’s hope the next ten years go a little better, shall we? News France joins the US and the UK in shutting its Yemen embassy. The NY Times offers a fascinating look […]

The last weeks of 2009

Last week, I celebrated Christmas with Aaron, Amy and Elijah in Huntington, WV, home of Marshall University (“We Are Marshall”) and of Amy’s family. It was great spending a few days outside of DC, and with an awesome and wonderfully welcoming family. To boot, last week … I got to go on a tour of […]

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