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Links of the Day, October 19

News Hamid Karzai is stripped of his outright win in the Afghan elections. The US will not make any troop decisions until they’re sure they have a legitimate partner. Uruguay is implementing a "one laptop per student" in its state primary schools. Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. John Kerry head up bipartisan climate change legislation. […]

Links of the Day, September 18

News Clashes between opposition supporters and security forces in Iran at a government-sponsored rally. Health care Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution assesses the Baucus bill. Krugman thinks it’s better than expected (though still not ideal). Bill O’Reilly supports the public option. The Catholic Center debates health care. Christians for health care reform gather in DC. […]

Links of the Day, August 31

News Space Shuttle Discovery finally headed off into space over the weekend (to refuel the international space station). Disney buys Marvel for $4bn. The California fires get worse. Health care FactCheck points out 26 lies about H.R. 3200. Miscellaneous Paul Krugman addresses the debt outlook. Cathleen Falsani’s tribute to Ted Kennedy, "So Much More Than […]

Links of the Day, August 17

Happy Monday, folks! News A law is passed in Afghanistan that allows a man to starve his wife if she refuses to have sex. Iranian President Ahmadinejad appoints at least two women to his cabinet. Japan’s economy leaves the recession. Usain Bolt breaks the 100m world record: 9.58 seconds; holy cow. Y.E. Yang edges out […]

Links of the Day, August 14

Happy Friday!! News Hong Kong is out of the recession. Human trafficking Forced prostitution on Craigslist? Human trafficking and Islam. A case featuring an American teenage girl is cracked in Florida. Britons can unknowingly contribute to the slave trade. Health care Paul Krugman on the "Republican death trip." Green Cap-and-trade? Or just a tax on […]

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