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A long-overdue update

It’s been two months since my last ‘official’ update, and I apologize for that. Life has, as you’ll see, been pretty full. SEATTLE (AUG 30 – SEP 5) As a wedding gift, Carolyn bought us tickets to the Seahawks-Packers opening day game. So we got to head to the beautiful Pacific Northwest for a week, […]

Shooting, Seahawks, and Sudan

Happy New Year to you all! This year’s started pretty busy for me, but I’m gonna say at the outset that I intend to write a little more this year. (Note the use of words that set the bar incredibly low: “intend” and “a little”. ☺) Anyway, this weekend was a very eventful one, full […]

Ken Griffey Jr. retires

The Kid announced his retirement this afternoon after 22 seasons, 630 home runs, 7 Silver Sluggers, 10 Gold Gloves, and numerous All-Star appearances. Here’s his press statement. Thanks, Junior.

Felix Hernandez = Mariner

… for five more years! 🙂 Here are Felix and Seattle GM Jack Zduriencik (otherwise known as GMZ or “The GM with the Golden Touch”) at a press conference yesterday: (Photo: Geoff Baker/Seattle Times) Roll on, April.

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