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Links of the Day, December 9

News The President announces a job creation plan … now let’s hope the plan becomes a reality. He also moves forward on a promise for more transparency in government. Martha Coakley wins the Democratic primary to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat. Health care The Senate rejects abortion restrictions in the health bill. Senate Dems reach a […]

Links of the Day, December 1

It’s World AIDS Day. Watch this vid: Iron Man 2: News Barack will make an address tonight on Afghanistan, with preliminary reports suggesting a rapid deployment of an additional 30-35,000 troops. The proposed Comcast-NBC merger would be the largest media merger in recent history. South Africa vows to treat all HIV-positive babies (which is a […]

Links of the Day, November 23

Matt Logue’s book, “Empty Los Angeles.” News The Senate passes a motion, 60-39, to begin discussing the health care bill. Sports Harvard’s Jeremy Lin is pioneering the way for Asian-American basketball players. Miscellaneous Cultural factors limit the recession’s impact on Asian-American families. Chinese Americans reflect on Barack’s visit to China. Lost is back February 2, […]

Links of the Day, November 20

On his visit to South Korea, President Obama was presented with an honorary taekwondo belt. News The Senate will take a first vote on health care on Saturday. Oprah’s ending her talk show in 2011. Politics Mike Huckabee shows his civility and class–I like Mike, even if I don’t always agree with him. Sports Thierry […]

Links of the Day, November 16

Happy Monday!! Courtesy of Liz: Available here. News Barack presses for human rights in China. Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao continues his amazing run by beating Miguel Cotto. Health care The Senate rumbles forward on health care. And it’s not going to be easy. Not at all. Green Koalas are facing extinction! Miscellaneous Check out the […]

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