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How do I know my calling?

[Adapted from yesterday’s message at The District Church: “How Do I Know … My Calling?”] “How do I know?” is one of the most common questions that comes up in counseling, in prayer, in conversations. How do I know what God’s calling me to? How do I know if I’m supposed to be with this […]

Facebook reminds me of God

  Facebook has this new thing where it posts flashbacks: “On this day in …” Today it popped up on my sidebar while I was browsing a friend’s pictures, and it read: “On this day in 2010: ‘Heading up to MA for final interviews. If you’re the praying kind …’” Wow. It’s only been a […]

Staying in DC!

Here’s an excerpt from the email I sent out this past week (for which you can still sign up here): Hey friends, While I was in London last month, taking time to figure out where my life was at, I read some of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s sermon on “A Tough Mind and a Tender […]

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