Wildfire in CA

Every year, California preps for wildfire season (yes, we have a wildfire season). This year, it’s gotten pretty bad: according to the AP report, by this morning, the Station Fire (as it’s called) is 20 miles long; 134 square miles have been burned; 12,000 homes as well as the communications and astronomy centers atop Mount Wilson, are under threat.

Courtesy of Neville:

Courtesy of Brian, who lived across the street from me:

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Please be praying for the situation: for rain, for favorable conditions, and for the firefighters who are putting their lives on the line to stop the blazes.

Please pray

Here in Pasadena, we’re not immediately affected by the fires, but the sky is filled with smoke and the air is soot- and ash-laden. As I’m writing this, hundreds of thousands of people in Southern California have been displaced from their homes. And with the winds continuing to blow and no rain forecast in the coming week, all we can do, it seems, is hope and pray that the winds die down and God sends some rain to bring some respite.

Please also pray for all of those affected.