Justin B. Fung

Day: January 6, 2010

The Wisdom of FDR

Visited the FDR Memorial over the weekend, and read again some of his timeless words of wisdom:

Wanna come work at Sojourners for the summer?

Applications for The Beatitudes Society Fellowship are open for summer 2010. One of the options for placement is here at Sojourners, so yeah, you’d get to work with me. Isn’t that exciting? 😉 Here’s a description of the program: This core program of The Beatitudes Society empowers seminary students to Expand their experience in ministry, […]

Goodbye, Adrian Beltre

I’m glad we have Chone Figgins; I think he’ll be an awesome 3B. But I sure as heck will miss seeing this guy and these kinds of plays on a regular basis: Red Sox fans, prepare to be astounded.

Links of the Day, January 6

News Google releases a phone: Boing Boing looks at the Nexus One. Politics Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has cut back on her anti-Census rhetoric recently … maybe since figuring out that if Minnesota loses a district, it looks likely to be hers. Miscellaneous Chuck returns this coming Sunday; its star, Zachary Levi, gave an awesome […]

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