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Another year gone

Well … I’ve finished my first academic year at Fuller; I handed in my take-home exam for Ethics (on homosexuality) half an hour ago. This means that (theoretically) I’ll have more time to blog. I’ll try … Meanwhile, what’s happened in the two weeks since I last blogged … Murphy’s Law Also known as Sod’s […]

Body politics

[Right: Rock-climbing in Salt Lake City, UT; summer 2005] Those of you who know me at all know that I like being active. I especially love playing sports—soccer/football, baseball, softball, volleyball, swimming, tennis, badminton, water-polo—you name it, I probably enjoy doing it. Currently, I’m limited by time to just intramural softball on Fridays and soccer […]

Almost there …

[Ben, Rob and I at Hermosa Beach pier on a less than sunny day (boo) during their visit to CA last month.] Alright. There are three weeks until the end of the quarter, and the beginning of summer. I’ve been hard-pressed to find time to take a breath, let alone blog. Lost in translation? So […]

About being in love …

We’re both looking for something we’ve been afraid to find; It’s easier to be broken, it’s easier to hide Looking at you, holding my breath; For once in my life I’m scared to death. I’m taking a chance letting you inside: I’m feeling alive all over again, as deep as a sky under my skin; […]

In the meantime …

I just watched the latest episode of 24. There are six episodes left until the end of the season, and having finished tonight’s, I was left profoundly dissatisfied. Not because it wasn’t good or exciting (thankfully, it’s picked up in the last few episodes), but because it wasn’t finished. I was tired of the lack […]

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