Justin B. Fung

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Summing up my life with a painting

[Click to enlarge] A few weeks ago, I went to the National Gallery. And while I was there, I came across Thomas Cole, a British-born American painter, and his four-piece series, “The Voyage of Life,” which really spoke to me. In particular, the third painting, depicting “Manhood,” and its accompanying explanation: Storm and cloud enshroud […]

Me, as seen by Matt

My friend Matt likes to draw. This is his sketch of me. (Click to enlarge.)

Culture, technology & theology

One of the classes I’m in is Theology & Culture with Barry Taylor. I love it. We’re looking at the way in which God can be found in various aspects of culture. This week, we looked at media, and we noted how technological advances have revolutionized not just media and media communication, but how technology […]

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