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A Pledge to the Next Generation

In light of the oil spill and the resultant devastation, we at Sojourners felt led to examine ourselves, our lifestyles and our habits. I helped to write the following pledge, originally posted on God’s Politics: We are witnessing a massive despoiling of God’s creation that will impact ecosystems for generations. Our response must think that […]

An early BP Christmas present? No, thanks.

Check out my latest post on God’s Politics: “An Early BP Christmas Present? Please, God, No …” Snip: “Spill” sounds so innocuous, doesn’t it? “Whoops, I spilled some milk.” It doesn’t seem like the appropriate word to append to “oil.” “Whoops, I spilled several MILLION gallons of oil.”

“The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it.”

To mark Earth Day, head on over to God’s Politics and check out the post I wrote. Here’s a teaser: Today is Earth Day, an occasion for marking our responsibility to care for our world and the environment. It seems trite to have just one day to remind ourselves of the importance of this — […]

Van Jones and Green For All

Original post: March 29, 2009; repost: February 27, 2010. With Van Jones’ return to the public eye, I thought I’d put this up again. Spring break is almost over—class starts tomorrow, in fact, on what will most likely be the busiest quarter of my three years at Fuller (following closely on the heels of last […]

Links of the Day, December 21

News Senate Democrats unite for a momentous health care vote!! Iranian reformist Ayatollah Montazeri passes away. His funeral is an occasion for more protests. Copenhagen gets mixed reviews. Miscellaneous A heart-warming Christmas tale: a woman abandoned as a baby twenty years ago finds the people who found her.

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