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My dad was born on November 9, 1937. Which (for the more arithmetically challenged or lazy) means he’s now 75 years old. And over the last thirty years, I’ve been privileged, honored, and humbled to watch and to learn from him. There really aren’t enough words to do justice to the person my dad is: […]

Dad = 73 years old

Happy birthday to my dad, my favorite septuagenarian New Testament scholar and corny-joke specialist in the whole world! Your commitment to the gospel and your calling; your love for Mom, us three boys and all your grandkids; your humility and graciousness to all around you; in all these things and more, you provide a great […]

This day in 1968

My parents got married. Happy 42nd anniversary, Mom and Dad! Thanks for being a wonderful model of faith, graciousness, and commitment.


On July 27, 1968, my parents got married. As one of my models of marriage, I’ve seen from them what it looks like to choose to love, to choose to sacrifice for the other, and above all, to choose to trust God. I know that they remain firm in the belief that everything good (including […]

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