Alice in Wonderland trailer!

Go see the new trailer for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland NOW! So weird and wonderful. P.S. I can’t help it if a glut of trailers comes out–it’s the end of the year, they’re trying to get us excited about 2010! P.P.S. It’s working.

Links of the Day, November 26

Happy Thanksgiving! Green China and the US unveil emissions targets ahead of Copenhagen. Miscellaneous A Chinese High School Musical? I’m intrigued … In Lebanon: "The Militarization of Sex."

Links of the Day, August 31

News Space Shuttle Discovery finally headed off into space over the weekend (to refuel the international space station). Disney buys Marvel for $4bn. The California fires get worse. Health care FactCheck points out 26 lies about H.R. 3200. Miscellaneous Paul Krugman addresses the debt outlook. Cathleen Falsani’s tribute to Ted Kennedy, "So Much More Than …