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My friend Rachel is in DC this week. Rachel is a pretty extraordinary woman; notwithstanding the fact that she was one of my first friends in seminary, she’s super smart, capable, and has a tremendous heart. So much so that for the last few years, she’s been serving as the President of an organization called The SOLD Project, which seeks to prevent child prostitution and whose goal is “that no child ever be exposed to a life of exploitation.”

One of the main ways to do this is through education, and keeping kids in school so that they might not only learn and grow and develop, but also to reduce the likelihood of them being in at-risk situations. So in 2008, The SOLD Project began offering educational scholarships, and I’m so pleased that, for the last year, I’ve gotten to be a part of this by sponsoring a kid’s education.

Now you can help prevent child prostitution as well.

From the latest SOLD email:

“From November 1 to 30, The SOLD Project is competing in the Girl Effect Challenge alongside 69 other organizations for a chance to become part of the Girl Effect for one year. The Girl Effect is a super-reputable organization (they’re the philanthropic arm of Nike), so winning would be a BIG DEAL—leading to significant exposure and a great credibility boost as well as potentially tens of thousands of dollars in donations over the next year. (Last year’s winners received more than $30K each.)

“At the end of November, the TOP SIX ORGS with the HIGHEST NUMBER of unique donors will be selected as WINNERS! Last year’s winners had as many as 800 unique donors, so that’s where the bar is set. It’s high, but we can do this!”

Giving as little as $10 will start the Girl Effect, and you can give up to $2,100 (which provides educational resources for 5 students for a  year) and beyond!



Terrorism doesn’t just happen because a group of people decide to hate us

Greg Mortenson, co-founder and Executive Director of the Central Asia Institute, c0-author of Three Cups of Tea, committed education advocate and builder of schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan:

I’ve learned that terror doesn’t happen because some group of people somewhere like Pakistan or Afghanistan simply decide to hate us. It happens because children aren’t being offered a bright enough future that they have a reason to choose life over death.

Three Cups of Tea, 292.

Everybody needs to read this book. It’ll help you understand a little more of the complexity of the situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan, of the amazing work that people like Greg are already doing there, and the need for more people of peace and conviction to put their shoulders to the wheels of change.

Links of the Day, September 9

Happy 09.09.09 (especially for Julia, Dave and Jude)!! It’s also a good day to get married in Chinese culture.


  • You can watch Barack’s school speech here.

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