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God is good: the challenge of goodness

[Adapted from Sunday’s message at The District Church: “Trusting in the Goodness of God.” Part 1.] When we encounter passages in the Bible that talk of theĀ  desolation and devastation that God is going to bring, or that speak of the jealous and avenging wrath of God, we can get a little uncomfortable. And I […]

Teach me, O Lord, to care

As we’ve been going through our series at The District Church looking at the Minor Prophets, I’ve definitely noticed a heightened sensitivity to sin and evil and injustice–both in my own life and in the world around me. I don’t think it’s that more bad things are happening; I think it’s more that I’m more […]

Good (Us) vs. Evil (Them)

N.T. Wright, Simply Jesus, 122-123: Without the perspective that sees evil as a dark force that stands behind human reality, the issue of “good” and “bad” in our world is easy to decipher. It is fatally easy, and I mean fatally easy, to typecast “people like us” as basically good and “people like them” as […]

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