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What an eventful day

Today: Woke up at 3:45am to take N&L to Reagan/National Airport. They discovered their car had a flat tire. I drove them in A&A’s car. On the way back, missed the 395 N turning. Drove a little way into VA with the fuel light glaring at me before finally making my way to a gas […]

The first supper

Here’s the dining table, set for the first supper with all of the interns together, looking through to the kitchen, where Rachel and LaToya are busy prepping.

Thirty Good Days

The last month has been busy like you wouldn’t believe. It’s still busy—we’re coasting into the last week and a half of the quarter, and I have two papers, a final project and a final exam (having already completed three short papers in the last week). It’s also been a lot of fun (mostly; I’m […]

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