What an eventful day


  • Woke up at 3:45am to take N&L to Reagan/National Airport. They discovered their car had a flat tire. I drove them in A&A’s car.
  • On the way back, missed the 395 N turning. Drove a little way into VA with the fuel light glaring at me before finally making my way to a gas station, then home and falling (eventually) back to sleep. Slumbered fitfully with the yammering and hammering of E going on in the background from 7ish onwards.
  • Got the car tire fixed; booked a tattoo appointment for this weekend; got home; did some work; ate delicious leftovers for lunch; entertained E until A&A got home.
  • Met up with K, who was in town from California for an interview, for a quick chat at the Logan Circle Caribou.
  • Drove to the intern house to pick up  dinner for A&A; waited for Simps to get home. Picked up food; came out to car; slipped on ice with food in hands, which meant I had no hands to break my fall. Broke it with my back instead; better than my head. Winded and jarred, but fortunately nothing worse—feeling a little sore now, though!
  • Dropped off food; headed to GWU for Pulitzer Center/Human Rights Watch event on the Lord’s Resistance Army. Traffic was moving at a snail’s pace; eventually found parking but I was late so didn’t think straight—I didn’t put any money in the meter!
  • The event was good and interesting—predominantly from the journalistic perspective, which was a different one to hear from. Check out Pulitzer Center and Human Rights Watch.
  • Came back to the car to drop off I&J at Union Station; found the parking ticket. Told them about my date.
  • Back home to pack up my stuff and shift things over to the place I’m house-sitting.
  • Done by midnight.

Time for bed. What an eventful day.

The first supper

Here’s the dining table, set for the first supper with all of the interns together, looking through to the kitchen, where Rachel and LaToya are busy prepping.

The first supper
The first supper

Thirty Good Days

The last month has been busy like you wouldn’t believe. It’s still busy—we’re coasting into the last week and a half of the quarter, and I have two papers, a final project and a final exam (having already completed three short papers in the last week).

It’s also been a lot of fun (mostly; I’m not going to document my vehicular week from hell). Let’s start with a month ago, when Tim was here for a week. What did we do?

We went to see Lifehouse in San Diego with Naph.

We saw Gabe and Maribeth and Matt.

We were able to go to the beach and go shopping for cheap stuff (the exchange rate is ridiculous).

We went to see Colbie Caillat in Malibu, with Amanda and Candice.

And we played lots of cards and dominoes.

And then it was Amanda’s birthday, for which we went to the Griffith Observatory and ‘hiked’ (for about a half hour, so it doesn’t really count).

And then, after a couple more weeks of paper-writing, class-attending, and working, it was my birthday weekend! And what a weekend it was. I’m not really one for huge parties where I don’t get to talk to people; instead, I got to have six (yes, six) meals with various friends.

First, pizza and The Office/Scrubs on Thursday night with the ‘marrieds’: DJ & Mara, Matt & Sara, and John & Grace (except Grace was ill). Then, on Friday morning, had dim sum with the usual crew. Chuck, Andy, Wendy and I all had birthdays last weekend—hooray for Valentine’s babies!

On Monday (my actual birthday), I went out for Chipotle lunch with Jon and Will, from work; and then Monday evening, post-class (woohoo for class on my birthday!), a few of us went to Chandra’s for dinner.

Tuesday night was celebration #5, with Gabe, Maribeth and Matt, and Micah & Christie.

And finally, on Wednesday night, Benjie treated me to birthday sushi.

Thursday night was Thanksgiving night, which I enjoyed with my neighbors, and yesterday, we went to see the Christmas tree get lit at One Colorado. (It was a little bit underwhelming, I have to say; though my arms did get a serious work-out from carrying Eli).

So it’s been a good month; a hard month and a hard-working month, but a fun month. I’m looking forward to Christmas and heading back to Hong Kong in just under two weeks. Whoop!