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Go about your business

[Adapted from this week’s sermon: “Have a Little Faith.”] I’ll be honest: for most of my life, I’ve interacted with God in much the same way that Daniel does in chapter 12, verse 8: I heard but could not understand; so I said, ‘My lord, what shall be the outcome of these things?’ Have you […]

How I’m making decisions

While in the UK, I got to read a lot–one of the perks of spending much time on public transportation. One of the books I read was Belief, edited by well-known scientist Francis Collins; and one of the excerpts is from Martin Luther King, Jr. In a sermon about having a tough mind and a tender […]

A Pledge to the Next Generation

In light of the oil spill and the resultant devastation, we at Sojourners felt led to examine ourselves, our lifestyles and our habits. I helped to write the following pledge, originally posted on God’s Politics: We are witnessing a massive despoiling of God’s creation that will impact ecosystems for generations. Our response must think that […]

Talking to God about tomorrow

Original post: March 31, 2008; update: January 31, 2010. I had a conversation with God the other day about my future. It went a little something like this: Me: I want to know what’s on your heart so that I can have these things on mine as well. God: My heart’s pretty big. If I […]

Past, Present, Future

Original post: August 27, 2007; reposted unchanged. On Saturday, I was on two planes and in three airports. I always journal when I’m on planes and in airports; maybe it’s all of the time I have while waiting, or the association that I have with airports as symbols of transition and change that stirs something […]

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