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Barack Obama, 1990

Found this fascinating article from the LA Times, written in March 1990, on the then-28 year-old Barack Obama, newly elected president of the Harvard Law Review. Twenty-one years ago, he was my age. Now there’s a sobering look and a fascinating comparison … Snip: After graduation next year, Obama says he probably will spend two […]

Links of the Day, January 5

News John C. Liu is sworn in as the first Asian-American comptroller of New York City. Republicans are coming out strongly against consumer protection. Sports TIME profiles Harvard’s Jeremy Lin. Why Edgar Martinez belongs in the Hall of Fame. Miscellaneous The changing Oval Office. Avatar gets conservatives in a huff.

Links of the Day, November 23

Matt Logue’s book, “Empty Los Angeles.” News The Senate passes a motion, 60-39, to begin discussing the health care bill. Sports Harvard’s Jeremy Lin is pioneering the way for Asian-American basketball players. Miscellaneous Cultural factors limit the recession’s impact on Asian-American families. Chinese Americans reflect on Barack’s visit to China. Lost is back February 2, […]

Links of the Day, August 14

Happy Friday!! News Hong Kong is out of the recession. Human trafficking Forced prostitution on Craigslist? Human trafficking and Islam. A case featuring an American teenage girl is cracked in Florida. Britons can unknowingly contribute to the slave trade. Health care Paul Krugman on the "Republican death trip." Green Cap-and-trade? Or just a tax on […]

Snapshots from MA

A few pics from my time in Cape Cod, Boston and Cambridge, Mass.:

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