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Links of the Day, September 9

Happy 09.09.09 (especially for Julia, Dave and Jude)!! It’s also a good day to get married in Chinese culture. News You can watch Barack’s school speech here. Health care The President will address Congress tonight on health care reform. Green A £23 solar panel? Miscellaneous Sierra Club executive director Carl Pope writes about how we […]

Links of the Day, September 8

Senator Al Franken draws a map of the US from memory: News Laura Bush approves of Obama’s remarks to school children on the importance of working hard, staying in school, etc. Human trafficking Combating child sex trafficking in the District. Miscellaneous Arianna Huffington sees the silver lining in Van Jones’s resignation.

Say, "Ahh …"

Today, two weeks after I had my jaw broken, I had my first post-op visit with the surgeon, and finally had the rubber bands—that have been my bane over the last fortnight—removed. I can open my mouth again, I can eat (soft foods), I can brush my teeth properly; it’s the little things that I’m […]

A quick update

Welcome to October! Here’s the latest: Last weekend, I was supposed to head to Las Vegas to do some campaigning for Obama, but I got taken down by illness on Friday and so ended up not going. A couple of my friends did go and had a blast, so perhaps I’ll be able to fit […]

Wisdom & Concentration

My verses for the last couple weeks: Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body. (Eccl. 12:12b) A person’s steps are directed by the Lord. How then can anyone understand their own way? (Prov. 20:24) Thankfully, paper #3 is done. I just have one more paper (7-page) to do […]

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